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ZAYN – Sooner Than Later (Drake Cover)

ZAYN – Sooner Than Later (Drake Cover)

Sooner Than Later (Drake Cover) is the new single song by English singer and songwriter Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik which was released via itunes on may 1st 2016 Digitally. This demo makes it very clear what his output would sound like without outside support and he’s clearly an untalented hack. The pitch correction did more work than he did. Tone down on the auto tune my only criticism.

Oh well, Black Widow will be a classic anyways while Bang Bang the generic forgettable piece if it will be forgotten by next year. your voice made me cry in the middle of the night, cause everynight in my dream, i dream of you saying to me ‘i could do everything’ but then your gone .. i woke up thinking that it’s not true. Zayn Malik formerly of One Direction Who’s actually putting out some decent R&B music

Release Date : April 29th 2016

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