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Wiz Khalifa – Bad Influence (Single)

Wiz Khalifa – Bad Influence
Wiz unexpectedly posted a new song entitled ” Bad Influence “. For Productions meets one of the members Taylor Gang – Sledgren. Wiz Khalifa likes dropping off music for free from time to time. After teaming up…. Wiz talks about bad habits and how marijuana affects on nego. fact that he came from the streets, and he does not care what others think because he does what he loves. its a follow up to his last track called Issac hayes just released 2 days back. it is necessary to look at the cover, in order to understand what is at stake in the composition. Although this topic has become boring, thanks to a stunning melody in the chorus Wiz track plays fine. Ascended to the clouds a bit written Sledgren. It’s not clear if this is one of Wiz’s copious loosies, or something from the upcoming Taylor Gang Vol. 1 compilation,..

Release Date : August 05th 2016

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