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VÉRITÉ - Living

Living is the new EP by American pop singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn VÉRITÉ Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 06th 2016 Digitally. Her music, though, is concise and measured. “Take me to the fucking roof,” she demands on recent release, ‘Underdressed’, whose languid melody simmers conspiratorially, before erupting into something vast and anthemic.

She said “Not as much anymore. It’s not a very common way of writing. My writing process is very similar, but now it’s just in person… which was very awkward in the beginning, and still can be very awkward, but I think as I found people who I’m comfortable being in the same room as, it’s become an easier process.”

Release Date : May 06th, 2016


1. Underdressed
2. Constant Crush
3. Rest
4. Gesture
5. Living

Living Full EP – Download Links