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U-KISS – One Shot One Kill EP

U-KISS - One Shot One Kill EP

One Shot One Kill is the new Album by South Korean boy band U-KISS which is set to release on March 17th 2016. the title track to the album which is also titled “One Shot One Kill” dropped on March 9. In the official PV for the track, U-KISS are dressed up in snappy suits and artfully swing around canes to swing their ways straight into our hearts!

After releasing two albums last year, “Always” and “Action”. U-KISS hunger to give out more new music hasn’t disappeared. Download their new EP “One Shot One Kill”.

Release Date: March 17th 2016


1. Cry Baby – download
2. One Shot One Kill – download
3. Super Special Lady – download
4. Illusion – download

One Shot One Kill Full Album ZIP – Download Links