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Terrace Martin – Velvet Portraits Album

Terrace Martin - Velvet Portraits

Velvet Portraits is the new album by American music rapper-producer Terrace Martin which is scheduled to release by April 1st 2016.

If you’re a fan of Terrace and his chops on the saxophone, then you’re in luck, as the song is an instrumental track that delivers plenty of it. Terrace updates Donny Hathaway’s “Valdez In The Country” (which is itself a cover of the track that the legend wrote and produced for ’60s jazz/funk/rock outfit Cold Blood) with his own sensibilities.

He delivers 2 new track off his forthcoming instrumental project on march 11th 2016.

He recalls hearing a song on the album that he at first thought was an old bossa nova record but then heard Kendrick rapping overtop. Martin shares the album artwork and tracklist, which bares a heavy Cali influence throughout.

Release Date: April 1st 2016


1. “Velvet Portraits”
2. “Valdez off Crenshaw”
3. “Push”
4. “With You”
5. “Curly Martin”
6. “Never Enough”
7. “Turkey Taco”
8. “Patiently Waiting” (feat. Uncle Chuck & The Emotions)
9. “Tribe Called West”
10. “Oakland”
11. “Bromali
12. “Think of You”
13. “Reverse”
14. “Mortal Man”

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