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The Temper Trap – Thick As Thieves (Album)

The Temper Trap – Thick As Thieves
Thick As Thieves is the new third studio album by Australian rock band The Temper Trap Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday June 10th 2016 Digitally. The new album is filled with hope, raw energy and a passion that brought us back to the early days,” drummer/vocalist Toby Dundas.

Thick as Thieves aims to recapture some of the magic of their debut album Conditions without, to their credit, just shamelessly Frankensteining up Sweet Disposition 2.0. “A lot has happened since the last album and those experiences, loves, desires, and struggles are distilled in these songs,” It’s been nearly a year since Dougy checked in with an update on the third Temper Trap album and the singer-guitarist says the whole process has “felt like forever.”

“It’s coming out soon. We’re just sprinkling some magic fairy dust on it, we don’t have exact dates but it’s coming up.” Thick As Thieves is released 10 June via Infectious/Liberation/Glassnote.
Release Date : June, 10th, 2016

01. Thick as Thieves (3:53)
02. So Much Sky (4:28)
03. Burn (3:29)
04. Lost (4:32)
05. Fall Together (3:20)
06. Alive (3:34)
07. Riverina (3:35)
08. Summer’s Almost Gone (5:08)
09. Tombstone (4:16)
10. What If I’m Wrong (4:54)
11. Ordinary World (3:52)
12. Providence (4:17)
13. On the Run (3:57)

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