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Tal – Are We Awake (Single ITUNES)

Tal - Are We Awake

Are We Awake is the new single song by Israeli-born French recording artist and pop star Tal Benyerzi which is expected to release via itunes by May 10th 2016 Digitally. its the lead single from her 3rd upcoming studio album that will be released in fall 2016.

This new single will be released on digital retailers on May 10th via Warner Music Group, while her next studio album is expected to be released later this year.

The singer also said that his new album did not have a name and was impatient but a bit stressed to present this new title Are We Awake : “I have the impression of being in a dream, in a cocoon for three years. it’s been a year since I took time for me to travel, do simple things in life, movies, restaurants. I have the impression of never having this business. I dread to present this new song, know the impressions. “

Release Date : May 10th 2016

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