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The Summer Set – Stories for Monday (Album)

The Summer Set – Stories for Monday (Album)

Stories for Monday is the new album by American pop rock band The Summer Set Which was released on April 1st 2016. It’s a clear-cut maturation for the band, but they’re sticking true to their specific, unique sound.

It comes preceded by the lead single and album’s opening track “Figure Me Out”, released on January 21st. The second single “Missin’ You” was released on February 18th.

And thank god for that realization — because now we have 11 new, playful tracks from the band that serve as a “good vibes only” playlist. Only The Summer Set could have a song called “All Downhill From Here” that isn’t even the least bit depressing.

“I almost gave up on music last year. Then I wrote this song [‘Figure Me Out’]. It’s funny how the most important ones come to you when you least expect it” Brian shared about the lead single.

The Summer Set have conjured up a bubblegum-stained blast of modern pop rock that sounds just as good at the start of the weekend as it does at the end.

Release Date : April 1st 2016


1. Figure Me Out
2. Night Is Young
3. Missin’ You
4. Jean Jacket
5. All My Friends
6. Change Your Mind
7. All Downhill from Here
8. All In
9. Wonder Years
10. When the Party Ends (Can’t Hardly Wait)
11. Wasted

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