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Rufus Wainwright – Take All My Loves – 9 Shakespeare Sonnets (Album

Rufus Wainwright - Take All My Loves - 9 Shakespeare Sonnets

Take All My Loves 9 Shakespeare Sonnets is the new studio album by American-Canadian singer-songwriter and composer Rufus Wainwright which is expected to release via itunes by April 22nd 2016 Digitally.

Delivered by Rufus and his sister Martha as if fronting Queens Of The Stone Age, an apt vessel for “Some fierce thing replete with too much rage”.

Two interpretations of “A Woman’s Face” demarcate the album’s 16 tracks — a “pop” version done by Wainwright and an operatic version by Austrian coloratura soprano Anna Prohaska, who sings four other tracks on the album. Both are gorgeous, but the source material suggests interesting interpretations.

It’s all bit stuffy and long-winded, even for ardent fans of Wainwright’s, but, if nothing else, it proves his uncanny versatility as a musician.

Release Date : April, 22nd, 2016


Sonnet 43
When Most I Wink (Sonnet 43)
Take All My Loves (Sonnet 40)
Sonnet 20
A Woman’s Face (Sonnet 20)
For Shame (Sonnet 10)
Sonnet 10
Unperfect Actor (Sonnet 23)
Sonnet 29
When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men’s Eyes (Sonnet 29)
Sonnet 129
Th’Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame (Sonnet 129)
All Dessen Müd (Sonnet 66)
A Woman’s Face – Reprise (Sonnet 20)
Sonnet 87
Farewell (Sonnet 87)

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