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Roxette – Good Karma (Album ITUNES)

Roxette – Good Karma

Good Karma is the new studio album by Swedish pop rock duo Roxette Which is Expected to release via itunes by friday June 3rd 2016 Digitally. Roxette have been working on this album for almost two years. Per has mentioned ‘ We’re producing ourselves, but Addeboy vs Cliff are involved on a few songs, as well as other producers. I’m extremely happy with it so far, and I guess it will surprise a few people.”

“It Just Happens” is released in April so we should hear it within a week or two. Per was also in the studio with David Guetta the past year but it’s not known yet if this was for the Roxette album. Really glad they have gone for a more modern sound as the last two albums sounded a bit outdated.

A line that is representative for the entire 30 year of remarkable career Roxette stand. Still fills the tape, the big stadiums with tens of thousands of people. And still they manage to make these songs that one no longer get out of your head after listening. If Roxette follows track there will likely be a song named “Good Karma” on the album.

Release Date : June 3rd 2016


1. Why Don’tcha?
2. It Just Happens
3. Good Karma
4. This One
5. You Make It Sound so Simple
6. From a Distance
7. Some Other Summer
8. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?
9. You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore
10. 20 bpm
11. April Clouds

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