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Ro James – Eldorado (Album)

Ro James – Eldorado
Eldorado is the new studio album by American singer-songwriter Ro James Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 27th 2016 Digitally. I’m still creating. I’m giving people just a little bit of what I’ve been through. Something that guys can actually relate to without feeling like the music is too soft or you can’t vibe to it, but something [where] women can also appreciate honesty from a guy from his perspective on life, love, relationships, growing up.

“I just thought, as an artist, she brought individuality that was raw, soulful,” James said about the former Fugees singer/rapper. “With the rap approach, her lyrics were on point, which made me pay attention to my lyrics, pay attention to the feeling of my music.” Then it’s like how do you put that all into your first album? You can’t. So I’m just giving it a little bit at a time.

Release Date : May, 27th, 2016

01. Ro James – The Ride (3:26)
02. Ro James – Permission (4:39)
03. Ro James – Burn Slow (3:35)
04. Ro James – Already Knew That (3:28)
05. Ro James – Bad Timing (1:20)
06. Ro James – Ga$ (3:20)
07. Ro James – I’m Sorry (Interlude) (1:30)
08. Ro James – New Religion (3:53)
09. Ro James – A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I) (5:10)
10. Ro James – Holy Water (3:26)
11. Ro James – Last Cigarette (3:45)
12. Ro James – Everything (3:14)
13. Ro James – Eldorado (3:34)

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