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Peaches – Rub Remixed (Album ITUNES)

Peaches – Rub Remixed
Rub Remixed is the new studio album by Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday June 3rd 2016 Digitally. “I wanted to hear how my favorite producers would re-contextualize the songs on Rub,” The compilation features reworks from female producers, including Maya Jane Cole, Planningtorock, Paula Temple, Kim Anh, and Toronto’s Maya Postepski (aka Princess Century).

It’s 13 re-worked versions of tracks off Rub from Le Tigre’s JD Samson, Austra’s Maya Postepski, Paula Temple, Planningtorock, CREEP’s Lauren Flax, and more. “Without even realizing it, I had only asked women to produce remixes,” said Peaches in a press release. “I’m glad that they all said yes and I love every mix.”

As you’ll see below, tracks like “Dick in the Air” and “Vaginoplasty” ended up getting multiple remixes.

Release Date : June 3rd 2016


1. Close Up (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix) [Explicit]
2. Rub (Paula Temple Remix) [Explicit]
3. Dick in the Air (#entertainment Remix) [Explicit]
4. Dick in the Air (Evvol Remix) [Explicit]
5. Pickles (Lauren Flax ‘Acid’ Remix) [Explicit]
6. Sick in the Head (Simonne Jones Remix) [Explicit]
7. Free Drink Ticket (Neven Remix)
8. How You Like My Cut (Ziúr Remix) [Explicit]
9. Vaginoplasty (Planningtorock ‘Vagina’ Rework) [Explicit]
10. Vaginoplasty (Maya Postepski Remix) [Explicit]
11. Light in Places (Kim Anh ‘Stargasm’ Remix) [Explicit]
12. Dumb Fuck (Maya Postepski Remix) [Explicit]
13. I Mean Something (JD Samson Remix) [Explicit]

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