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Nonpoint – The Poison Red (Album)

Nonpoint – The Poison Red
The Poison Red is the new studio album by American heavy metal band from Fort Nonpoint Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday July 8th 2016 Digitally. I don’t think we’re going anywhere from this place, it’s definitely the most home feeling label I’ve been at after being on five different labels.

It’s good to work with people that are not only kicking ass but who are there just for the music. We’ve never been happier.

Release Date : July 8th, 2016

1. Generation Idiot
2. Foaming at the Mouth
3. Bottled up Killer Bees
4. Rabbit Hole (Prelude)
5. Chasing White Rabbits
6. Standing in the Flesh
7. Divided..Conquer Them
8. Radio Chorus [Explicit]
9. Spanish Radio Hour (Prelude)
10. El Diablo
11. No Running Allowed
12. Promises
13. Be Enough
14. My Last Dying Breath

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