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Nicky Byrne – Sunlight (Album ITUNES)

Nicky Byrne - Sunlight

Sunlight is the new studio album by Irish singer-songwriter, radio and TV presenter Nicky Byrne Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 06th 2016 Digitally. The Dubliner is set to represent Ireland at the Eurovision song contest in Sweden on 14 May.

Nicky admitted there was no way he’d have been allowed enter the song contest while he was in the band.He said: “When Westlife were around, our label would never have considered Eurovision.” “This is an album that’s out there, I’m currently considering a massive deal with one of the majors to get this album out there.” “It’s in my blood, however I love the radio, I’ll never not be on radio if someone wants me because I love it, me and Dan Healy discussed this album before I even joined 2FM…..Sunlight was one of the tracks at that point before I joined 2FM”


1. Sunlight
2. Explosion
3. Song for Lovers
4. Pop Machine
5. Still the One
6. Some Things Always Seem to Last
7. Finishing Line
8. Broadway Show
9. Thank You
10. Pretty

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