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Natalia – No fui una más (Single ITUNES)

Natalia - No fui una más

No fui una más is the new single song by Spanish Singer & Diva Natalia Which is expected to release via itunes by May 6th 2016 Digitally.

I love Natalia and I follow from OT, I have all their albums and singles, but I really can not agree more. He’s leaving very aside his musical career, taking singles from time to time and then disappearing .. Is that covers can sing, do snapchats .. Etc, let that remain eager to follow and not go slowly losing him track as it is my case. I do not live in Andalusia and do not see in what a night, so here the Super I lost track beyond and urges follow her on twitter.

Perhaps you should expect to hear the song and finished, I know I say uh, that’s just a few choruses as it says in instagram. We’re going to have to create a theme in “The no fans” plan, that telita, only you do to question everything you do not want to know it, the Natalia Natalia Besa my skin, which can not be crazy about me, Liberate, Never say no, you … just do not understand whatsoever ye would that change style or innovates, when you carry anoos pulling the same suit, asking the same to Malú, Marta Sánchez, Chenoa, Bast, Laura Pausini … and an endless number of artists who have their entire career doing the same without change image either. If both you want to change, that artist will no longer be Natalia, come now if I saw Natalia brown without his choreo with dancers, with a roll to “Zara Larsson” (which I love) I would say this is not Natalia who conquered me.

I like the Natalia with blonde, sexy, catchy / provocative songs melenón, and CoreOS, like Britney I like it for the same. that yes, also I would like to have changes, but not something xD k radikal with perhaps an image and more mature and careful styling, good choreography, as for the future I would like that after so long a subject did not Dabruk … not to mention make a record, but good she is lord and master of his career, so she decides. We can stop like more or less or you may seem more or less seedy, but there still trying … I do not know, to judge / question at least I ask you you expect to hear or see the final result

“No fui una más” (English: I Wasn’t One More)

Release Date : May 6th 2016

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