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Moxie Raia – 931 Mixtape

Moxie Raia - 931 Mixtape

931 is the new debut mixtape by L.A.-based singer-songwriter Moxie Raia which was released on March 24th 2016. The 10-track set features some dope artist.Wyclef Jean, Post Malone, Goldlink, and Pusha T, who guests on “On My Mind.” she even join Justin Bieber as an opening act on his Purpose Tour.

Today, however, it’s a false alarm: Her manager calls to say she’s just getting dressed.

“Come in!” Raia calls when we arrive, her voice beckoning from the bathroom, where she’s finishing her makeup. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter greets me with the hug and smile of an old friend, the same kind I receive after we meet for the first time a few weeks earlier.

The mixtape, produced by Glashausser and his brother Tom under the moniker Glashaus, follows in the path of artists like Kehlani and Chance the Rapper, albeit with the added heft that comes from having Bieber and Ariana Grande manager Scooter Braun’s management team behind it: It is a project meant to be considered on par with an album, though in Raia’s case it’s less of a single, focused idea than a muscular introduction to her breadth as an artist at last in creative control

Release Date: March 24th 2016


01 Rudimental feat. Jimi Tents
2 Could You Be Love feat. Buddy
3 On My Mind feat. Pusha T
4 Hey Love
5 Healer feat. Goldlink
6 How To Feel
7 Over Now feat. Love Mansuy
8 Follow Me with Wyclef Jean
9 Bad Decisions feat. World’s Fair
10 Write Our Names feat. Post Malone

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