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Mourn – Ha, Ha, He. (Album ITUNES)

Mourn - Ha, Ha, He.
Ha, Ha, He is the new studio album by young punk band from Barcelona Mourn Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday June 3rd 2016 Digitally. There’s no doubt that Mourn will continue to bestow greatness and an understanding of how to succinctly put emotions to riffs

Certain songs on Ha. Ha. He. exhibit brief, detonative moments of fiery post punk, evocative of Rid of Me-era PJ Harvey, Babes in Toyland, and early Throwing Muses. With only one track coming in over three minutes, Ha. Ha. He. is a concise collection of densely-packed tunes with sharp undercurrents of tongue-in-cheek social criticism.

The Spaniards will offer their second album Ha, Ha, He. Via the independent label Captured Tracks, two years after the release of a debut album.

Release Date : June 3rd 2016


1. Why Don’tcha?
2. It Just Happens
3. Good Karma
4. This One
5. You Make It Sound so Simple
6. From a Distance
7. Some Other Summer
8. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?
9. You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore
10. 20 bpm
11. April Clouds

Ha, Ha, He. Full Album ZIP / RAR – Download Links