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Meghan Trainor – That’s What She Said (Single)

Meghan Trainor – Thats What She Said

Thats What She Said is the new single song by American singer, songwriter and record producer Meghan Trainor which was released on May 2nd 2016 Digitally. The bumping track is an unusual sound for Trainor, but the processed vocals gyrate quite nicely over the electro synth production. I never thought my earbuds would taking a liking for a Meghan Trainor club jam, but you know how the saying goes…

It sounds like a reject from an Ashley Tisdale album…from 2007. I’m personally not feeling it.
It’s not bad. I don’t like EDM so I’m glad she doesn’t release music like this. She’s got so many different sounds on her new album, I’ve liked them all so far

Release Date : May 2nd 2016

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I said, sorry I didn’t finish
Sorry you didn’t fit
I tried to make it work
Can’t really wrap my hands around it
Yeah we could try again
When I’m done feeling sore
Maybe you’re just a friend
Whose not looking for more
Wish I could stop but it feels so good
I wish I could stop but it feels so good
I wish I could stop, stop, stop