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Marit Larsen – Joni Was Right EP

Marit Larsen - Joni was right Single

Joni Was Right is the new album by Norwegian singer-songwriter  Marit Larsen which is set to release by April 1st 2016. With Joni was Right arriving everywhere in a few weeks, Larsen also has big plans to tour both her latest records. “I’m touring ‘Joni was Right’ soon, and that tour starts in April and then, I’m coming over to America. I don’t have dates set yet, but it’s looking like a few dates there in the fall for ‘When the Morning Comes.’ I’ll be juggling music and songs back and forth.

it will be a global launch, but what I find curious is that still has not released any single to promote the album.

Release Date: April 1st 2016


Running out of road
Morgan, I Might
Do not
Hidden Heart
A Stranger Song

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