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Marisa Monte – Coleção (Album)

Marisa Monte - Coleção

Colecao is the new studio album by Brazilian popular singer Marisa Monte which is expected to release via itunes by this friday April 29th 2016 Digitally. it will bring 13 songs interpreted by Marisa throughout his career, but never part of your CDs and promises a return to sound tracks, live recordings and partnerships that packed many stories. it is the title of the compilation, scheduled to be launched in April 2016 with distribution of Universal Music.

She has full control over the recording work. So Collection is produced disk with endorsement of the singer-songwriter, with more than a greatest hits Marisa. Recalling that, according to Marisa own, the disc is not a “best of”. It will be like a treasure chest of musical and emotional memories, containing songs that she is proud to have done. Even in a collection, Marisa Monte can excel the most!

Expected Release Date : April 29th 2016

1.Nu Com a Minha Música
2. Cama
3. É Doce Morrer no Mar
4. Carinhoso
5. Alta Noite
6. A Primeira Pedra (feat. Gustavo Santaolalla) [Ao Vivo]
7. Dizem Que o Amor
8. Ilusão (feat. Julieta Venegas) [Ao Vivo]
9. Esqueca
10. Chuva no Mar
11. Fumando Espero
12. Volta Meu Amor
13. Waters of March

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