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Kylie Minogue – This Wheels On Fire (Single)

Kylie Minogue – This Wheels On Fire
This Wheels On Fire is the new single song by Australian favorite pop star Kylie Minogue which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday June 10th 2016 Digitally. its a main theme song taken from upcoming 2016 British comedy film Absolutely Fabulous, The single was released along the pre-order of the soundtrack on iTunes on June 10th, while the film is expected to hit theaters on August 4th.

“As a huge fan of the Ab Fab series and both Jennifer [Saunders] and Joanna [Lumley], I’m over the moon to be singing the theme song,” she told The Sun. Saunders and Lumley will reprise their roles as the fashionably challenged Edina and Patsy in the big screen adaptation.

It will be included in the show’s first feature-length film, in which Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, played by Jennifer and JOANNA LUMLEY, escape to the French Riviera after shoving KATE MOSS into the Thames.

Release Date : June 10th 2016

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