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Kendrick Lamar – Untitled Unmastered (Album ITUNES)

Kendrick Lamar Untitled Unmastered Album Zip

Untitled Unmastered is the new surprise album by American rapper Kendrick Lamar Which is schedule to release on March 4th 2016 features 8 untitled and unreleased songs that were recorded between 2013 and 2016. The tracklisting already appears on Spotify, pointing to an impending release.

There is believe that Kendrick Lamar is putting out a new album tonight. This is not a joke. I hope this project the Kendrick I fell in love with before he blew up and not TPAB Kendrick. I’m not well versed in music production but unmastered is never a good thing. Boy if this Untitled Unmastered project drops as a tidal exclusive I’m deadass losing my shit in anger. THANK YOU KENDRICK LAMAR for this Surprise Album


01 ‘untitled 01 08.19.2014
03 ‘untitled 03 05.28.2013
04 ‘untitled 04 08.14.2014
05 ‘untitled 05 09.21.2014
06 ‘untitled 06 06.30.2014.
07 ‘untitled 07 2014 – 2016
08 ‘untitled 08 09.06.2014

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