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Katy Perry – Witness (Single)

Katy Perry - Witness
Witness is the new single song by American singer, songwriter, and actress Katy Perry which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday June 3rd 2016 Digitally. Katy has yet to comment on the hack, likely because Twitter is still trying to solve the problem and find the person or persons responsible.

Alright so before you go too crazy, it appears that Katy’s Twitter account was actually hacked. She also tweeted some other not-so-nice obscenities to random accounts that we’re not going to repeat — but things Katy definitely wouldn’t usually tweet.

A hacker somehow managed to take control over Perry’s account and posted several out of character messages which remained online for 10 minutes before they were removed.

[Quotable lyrics]
If I lost it all today, would you stay?
Would my love be enough, to stimulate?
Shit hit the fan, grenades got thrown
Would you still show, oh
Could you go down with me, to the night
Could we get back up beneath, eventually love?

Release Date : June 3rd 2016

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