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Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go (Single)

Jorja Smith - Where Did I Go
Where Did I Go is the new third single song by London newcomer Jorja Smith which was released on may 24th 2016 Digitally. She’s only 18 and she has a massive future ahead of her. If she keeps up this standard, she could be one of the most important voices in new music.

Where Did I Go might be the most moveable cut she’s dropped yet. It’s driven by her soulful, Lauryn Hill-leaning vocals but there’s a classy beat that runs beneath made to be moved to. The track is intimate, groovy, and once again, shows a thematic maturity beyond Jorja’s years.

BBC Radio 1Xtra’s MistaJam just given the song it’s first play, and DIY has the exclusive below. It finds Jorja linking deft, open-ended piano notes with another example of her note-bending, adventurous songwriting. Cadenza produces, splintering deft beats into unknown places.

Release Date : May 24th 2016

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