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Jess Lee – Love Storm (Album ITUNES)

Jess Lee – Love Storm

Love Storm is the new studio album by Malaysian singer Jess Lee Which was released via itunes by this Friday may 06th 2016 Digitally. Jess Lee the “iron-lung queen” showed up at the press conference to promote her new album “Love Storm”, which demonstrated her transformation in visual and musical styles.

Now that she had found her own way in music bravely, but she could not hold back her tears when recalling the past struggle on the way. She admitted that she used to have no confidence, “I feel myself a singer only when I perform on the stage. I feel I’m nothing when I’m off the stage.” In the past 2 years she had tried to run the half marathon (21 km) and gradually recovered the state in which she felt comfort and accepted the imperfectness of herself.

Release Date: 06th May 2016


1. I Dare You
2. Snowstorm
3. Chain of Love
4. Nostalgia
5. Only One I Care
6. When Love Knocks
7. Undefined Relationship
8. Paranoiac
9. Learn To Be Untough
10. Occupy Happiness
11. How Have You Been?
12. Best Happiness

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