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Jennifer Nettles feat. Jennifer Lopez – My House (Single ITUNES)

Jennifer Nettles feat. Jennifer Lopez – My House

My House is the new single song by American country music singer-songwriter Jennifer Nettles with American singer Jennifer Lopez which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 06th 2016 Digitally. The song finds Nettles and Lopez trading verses about how in fact, they’re really not that different. “My boy shooting deer,” the country singer croons before Lopez stomps in with the snort-worthy “A boy shooting hoops” before Nettles — you guessed it — jumps back in with a sugary, “We’re really not that different.” And that’s before Lopez sings about how she’s still Jenny from the block. Truly “what a time to be alive” has never meant more as a saying!

In the rollicking title track, you can feel her fan the flames of her indignation. “For just one goddamn time, I wanna put my whole self first,” she warns, taking fierce, gleeful pleasure in unbottling her passion. “Stupid Girl,” an adult-contemporary ballad that Nettles wrote alone, takes a more sly approach; the song plays out as a dialogue with the self, an intimate and pointed rejection of the message that a woman must be careful not to ask for too much.

Release Date : May 6th 2016

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