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Jay Park – The Truth Is Single

Jay Park - The Truth Is Single

The Truth Is is the new single by American singer-rapper Jay Park which is set to release on March 22 at midnight.The singer and rapper personally explained the story and meaning behind the impending song to his fans. The song carries a meaning of the after-math of a guy who struggled within himself after breaking up with his girlfriend, longing for her return.

The words evoke the behavior of a man after a breakup. If he claims that all is well and put all the blame on the woman he still loves, he finally accepted the situation. The last few seconds of the video have an audio sample, in addition to a short blooper.

etailed information about who helped him produce the song, when it was produced, the meaning behind the lyrics, and more are revealed

So we’ll just have to wait until the full release on March 22 at midnight!

Release Date : March 17th 2016

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