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J Sutta – Prisoner (Single)

J Sutta – Prisoner

Prisoner is the new single song by American singer, dancer, songwriter and actress Jessica Sutta which was released on Monday May 09th 2016 Digitally. The former Pussycat Dolls has confirmed that she will be releasing one new song from the mixtape for free download every Friday from April 8th, starting with the first track “I Tried”.

“I really wanted to take risks, because I don’t want to do things that people expect,” says Sutta of “Feline Resurrection,” her forthcoming debut album. “I just really wanted to take that big risk and really expose myself. Sometimes it’s fun to kinda play in that energy …and shock people.”

“I like to shock people,” Sutta adds, smiling.

Release Date : May 09th 2016

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