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Isac Elliot – What About Me (Single)

Isac Elliot - What About Me

What About Me is the new single song by Finnish pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actor Isac Elliot which was released via itunes by may 23rd 2016. which is a pretty lovely melodic pop piece with a fresh summer-feeling flavour.

The track was written by Elliot with the collaboration of Nolan Sipe, Big Taste and Lucas Marx. It was released on digital retailers on May 23rd.

Release Date : May 23rd 2016

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I know you’re thinking
That I’m right here with you, left me patiently waiting
For your call
Never imagine
That I’ll ever tell you no (?)
Cause this never happened, before
If you thought higher of yourself, you’ll be up in the clouds
But here let me help you down
So don’t tell me that you wanna start working it out when it’s too late to question now;
“What about me?”
“What about what I want?”
Wanna know what I think?
No I didn’t think so
I, I feel like I played a fool
And assuming the life (?)
Ain’t all about you
You think I’m crazy
For not wanting you no more
But how can you blame me?
When you’re,