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Greyson Chance – Somewhere Over My Head (EP ITUNES)

Greyson Chance - Somewhere Over My Head

Somewhere Over My Head is the new studio album / EP by American singer, songwriter, and pianist Greyson Chance Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 13th 2016 Digitally. Greyson Chance started the process of writing and recording the new EP last year on August 4th, he released the track “Thrilla In Manila”. The second taste “Meridians” was unveiled on March 24, 2015. The proper lead single “Afterlife was” saw the light of day on October 29th.

We have to admit, we are loving Greyson’s new mature look and sound, and after seeing him in concert recently, we are so glad that this talented performer is back!

He said “From the EP, I want fans to take that and know that I wrote all the music, that there’s a story behind it. That it’s just not me going into the studio and searching for a hit record. It’s me writing these songs and wanting to portray stories. So I guess I would say I want my fans to know I’m transparent and the Greyson that you see online is the real Greyson.”

Release Date : May 13th, 2016


1. Afterlife
2. Back on the Wall
3. Hit & Run [Explicit]
4. No Fear [Explicit]
5. More Than Me

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