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Grace – Hell of a Girl (Single ITUNES)

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Hell of a Girl is the new single song by Australian emerging singer-songwriter Grace Sewell which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 13th 2016 Digitally. “I wanted girls to drive in their car and sing it in the shower the same way I imagine they did decades ago,” Grace told Billboard. “I wanted younger generations to feel revived by that.”

Grace, whose latest song might give you a clue to her independent attitude, recorded the cover of the original 60s song with music legend Quincy Jones. Despite her mature outlook Grace, who is planning to come to Scotland on tour next year, knows she still has a lot to learn and is looking forward to growing along with her music.

She said: “Everyone has their own way of dealing with things and I’m lucky I have an amazing team around me to keep me focused.

Release Date : May 13th 2016

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