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Fedde Le Grand Album – Something Real

Fedde Le Grand – Something Real zip

Something Real is the new album by Fedde Le Grand. Let me start off by saying that Something Real is a good album. But three or four years ago, it would have been a great album. Now, however, the EDM movement has reached such staggering heights that an artist practically has to put out a collection of songs worthy of their own religious doctrine to stand out. Overall, while it’s unlikely to be considered a contender for album of the year by anyone who closely follows contemporary electronic music, Fedde Le Grand‘s Something Real still comes across as an intelligent body of work which thoughtfully straddles the line between sophistication and mass appeal. It’s got its ups and downs, sure, but it’s a well produced effort and one that fans of the producer should definitely enjoy.

The album’s opening track and fourth promotional single “Give Me Some”, a collaboration with Italian duo Merk & Kremont, was released as instant grat along the pre-order of the album on February 8th.

Fedde Le Grand – Something Real (Download zip 320kbps)

Album Tracklist :

01 – Give Me Some (Radio Edit) – Download
02 – Feel Good (Radio Edit) – Download
03 – I Can Feel (Radio Edit) – Download
04 – Beauty From The Ashes (Original Mix) – Download
05 – Lost (Original Mix) – Download
06 – Immortal (Original Mix) – Download
07 – Rhythm Of The Night (Original Mix) – Download
08 – Miracle (Radio Edit) – Download
09 – Pity Love (Radio Edit) – Download
10 – Keep On Believing (Radio Edit) – Download
11 – Shadows (Original Mix) – Download
12 – Cinematic (Radio Edit) – Download
13 – Down On Me (Radio Edit) – Download
14 – The Noise (Yeah Baby) (Radio Edit) – Download

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