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Drake – One Dance Remix (featuring Justin Bieber) (Single Preview)

One Dance Remix
One Dance Remix is the new single song by Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter Drake with Justin Bieber which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday June 3rd 2016 Digitally. A new version of the single including the extra vocals of Canadian global star Justin Bieber was first played in some club in Monaco on May 28th. For now, we can here some snippets!

Gabrielle Union was one of the lucky people to hear the remix for the first time. She posted a photo on Snapchat and captioned it, “Justin on Drake remix… 1st time heard anywhere.” While the remix has yet to be confirmed by Justin or Drake, it definitely sounds real.

Luckily, actual footage and accompanying audio of the remix getting played has been provided by less famous party guests. “I don’t know your name, but I’m sure that you know me,” Bieber unapologetically sings. As the DJ mentions, this is the first time anyone’s heard the remix.


Release Date : June 3rd 2016

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