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DJ Shadow – The Mountain Will Fall (Album)

DJ Shadow – The Mountain Will Fall

The Mountain Will Fall is the new studio album by American music producer DJ Shadow which is expected to release via itunes on June 24th 2016. Hate to do this as the album hasn’t been released yet, but the opening track is awesome. Shadow has caught some flack in the past for experimenting outside the realm of Endtroducing, Pre-emptive Strike and The Private Press.
Facts are: he isn’t gonna be what he was. No one ever is. However, a leopard doesn’t change his spots.
I’m happy to hear the opening track. Sounds like the old Shadow is moving on and staying true to what he was at the same time. Like it, buy it, love it, breath it.

Davis said the DJ gigs gave him new ideas to which he could apply his vision, much as, say, hearing drum’n’bass had done in the ’90s. “Endtroducing… in 2016 would not sound like Endtroducing… in ’96 by design,” he added. “The same way I was trying to push the boundaries then, I’m trying to push my own boundaries now.”

he tweeted. “One step follows the next which leads the way to the next. There will be missteps but as long as the vision is whole, the mountain will fall.”

Release Date : June, 24th, 2016


1. “The Mountain Will Fall”
2. “Nobody Speak (feat. Run the Jewels)”
3. “Three Ralphs”
4. “Bergschrund (feat. Nils Frahm)”
5. “The Sideshow (feat. Ernie Fresh)”
6. “Depth Charge”
7. “Mambo”
8. “Ashes to Oceans (feat. Matthew Halsall)”
9. “Pitter Patter (feat. G Jones & Bleep Bloop)”
10. “California”
11. “Ghost Town”
12. “Suicide Pact”
13. “Swerve (iTunes Bonus Track)”

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