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Derrick Barry – BOOMBOOM (feat. Chris Cox) ( ITUNES )

Derrick Barry - BOOMBOOM (feat. Chris Cox)

BOOMBOOM is the new Debut single song by Las Vegas based singer Derrick Barry with dance music record producer Chris Cox which is expected to release via itunes by Friday May 6th 2016 Digitally. Derrick, who lives in Las Vegas, said: ‘People are convinced I am the real Britney when they see me.And even when I’m not wearing make-up, people say we are alike. But unlike Britney, underneath my sexy outfits I am all man.I never imagined I would make my fortune out of pretending to be Britney Spears, but I have – and I couldn’t ask for a better career.’

Today Derrick is one of the world’s most successful Britney look-a-likes and has so far made around $500,000 thanks to his unlikely career.

Derrick Barry: I think I can do a similar makeup style on anyone but I don’t know that I could make them look like Britney. I wouldn’t mind trying! I think she has one of the coolest faces in the world.

Release Date : May 6th 2016

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I see you looking my way
And I know that
You have something to say
Watching every inch of my body
Like you wanted to play
(so here we go)
Hem, Hem
Boy you look so sexy
Hem, Hem
Boy you look so sexy
I begin to stitch just a little bit
To turn you on
(yeah I got that)
I got that hem hem
That you want
Watching me all night long
Hurry up before it’s torn
I got that Hem Hem
That you want
I don’t think you should glue
One minute might be too late