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Dawn Richard – Wake Up (Single ITUNES)

Dawn Richard - Wake Up

Wake Up is the new single song by American recording artist Dawn Richard (AKA D∆WN ) which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 13th 2016 Digitally. Richard speaks three creative languages — song, dance, and video — and credits her childhood in the Big Easy for educating her in each.

The singer says the song’s cheeky attitude is representative of the album as a whole. “All my other songs have had this Joan of Arc-feel,” she explains. “[But] I wanted this to be about being content in the struggle that I’ve had.

“Wake Up” flexes its muscles best in its bridges — it’s almost all build up and release from start to finish — with D∆WN’s crystalline Auto-tuned vocals warping and refracting the song’s melody. Taken from the forthcoming Redemption — the final release from her critically-acclaimed trilogy of EPs — it’s a decidedly dizzying, drop-heavy track that revels in its surreal-sounding reverb, crest-and-break flow and buoyant synthwork.

It’s a story of an altered reality where the dream feels like real life. The wish that a dreamer’s world could be the reality.” Talk about taking pop music to another dimension.

Release Date : May 13th 2016

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