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David Correy – Raw Soul (EP ITUNES)

David Correy – Raw Soul

Raw Soul is the new studio album by Brazilian-American Singer David Correy Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 13th 2016 Digitally. “I always had something in my hand, pretending it was a microphone,” the 27-year-old singer recalls. “And when I stood on that stage, I felt like the world was up there with me.”

“Who would’ve thought as a kid that I’d be representing Coca-Cola and performing this great song for the FIFA World Cup in the country where I was born?” Correy says. “I haven’t been sleeping much these last few weeks because it’s finally sinking in.”

Long overdue for a break, Correy finally got one in 2012 when he appeared on The X-Factor reality show, winning the hearts of judges and viewers alike with his vocal chops, inspiring story and relentless optimism.

He tweeted “My “RAW SOUL” EP is coming.”

Release Date: 13th May 2016


1. Selfish
2. High
3. Everybody
4. Holding On
5. Writings on the Wall
6. Slide [Explicit]
7. Up & Down [Explicit]
8. Call It Like I See It
9. Farewell
10. Where Did You Go
11. Follow
12. On My Own

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