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Coline Creuzot – Numb (Single)

Coline Creuzot – Numb

Numb is the new single song by American singer and Sony ATV songwriter Coline Creuzot which was released via itunes on may 05th 2016 Digitally. The tracks have a lyrical synergy that tells a story of a confident, decisive woman who has unapologetically taken control of her love life. “Numb” interprets the story of a woman who is no longer feeling a man who took her love for granted, while “Show Me” expresses how love is better than a one-night stand and demands proof that her lover will stick around and put in work to win her heart.

The musical range of both tracks is thanks to Grammy Award-winning producer, Happy Perez. Perez’s instrumentation offers two unique, diverse sounds that are undeniably infectious.

Release Date : May 05th 2016

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