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Chris Mann – Constellation (Album ITUNES)

Chris Mann - Constellation

Constellation is the new eleventh studio album by classically trained American singer-songwriter from Wichita Chris Mann, Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 06th 2016 Digitally. “Each song is a special piece of me written over the past 10 years,” Mann says. “To me, they are all shining stars–my constellation.”

Mann reached out to fans to to help fund “Constellation’s” production through the music crowdsourcing site PledgeMusic and raised nearly twice the amount of money requested in record time. On PledgeMusic Mann noted, “I’m so thankful for the support of both my fans and PledgeMusic to help make ‘Constellation’ a reality.”

Overall Constellation impressions? This is an album that, unless marketing goes horribly wrong, will definitely be in the top 10 charts in in the weeks to come. No, the sounds it’s not what’s popular in the top pop radio stations but rather for a more discerning crowd so it would make it’s niche in hthe Adult Contemporary, R&B and Jazz stations easily.Chris Mann managed to produce a concise album that tells a story beginning to end.


1. North Star
2. Rain Like This
3. Echo
4. Away
5. Slow
6. City on Fire
7. To the Moon and Back
8. Comeback
9. Love and War
10. Be Good to Me
11. Lover
12. Fly Me to the Moon
13. Music of the Night
14. Echo (Willy Beaman Remix)
Digital Booklet – Constellation

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