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Chris Brown – Where She Is (Home) (Single)

Chris Brown – Where She Is (Home)

Where She Is (Home) is the new single song by American singer, songwriter & actor Chris Brown which was released via itunes by on May 07th 2016 Digitally. This is an unreleased song by Chris Brown! Wow, Breezy you got us on the first note! Chris’s ‘Where She Is (Home) seems to be out! Is it part of the upcoming album? Only time will tell. This track is mesmerizing.

It’s dreamy, romantic and just right for the spring when love is in the air! The music, the lyrics – all we can say is wow (we are lost for words here!) You melt our heart and touch the soul Chrissie! Muaah!

Hands against the wall
See they never felt this far
Feel the heat on my skin
Haven’t seen a certain never scent
No matter how, no matter when
I can’t get close enough….
Can’t get close enough
Reach for the clouds, nothing is fair
Quite like the both of us
The both of us

Whatever we go through
It always leads back to

Where the heartbeat is watching
The fire mutes the darkness
Home is where the heart is
So home is where she is….

Release Date : May 07th 2016

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