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Céline Dion – Encore un soir (Deluxe Edition ITUNES)

Celine Dion - Encore un soir

The Canadian pop diva Celine Dion has announced that on August 26 she releases her new album Encore un soir via itunes. The record of the famous singer, whose musical career together three decades of impeccable craftsmanship and more than 200 million albums sold, will be the 15th studio recording of the singer recorded in French. The album Encore un soir, as well as the title track, is dedicated to the late Rene Angelil the first manager Celine who in the 1980s laid his house to finance the first album Dio and later became her husband, with whom the singer held in a marriage for 22 years. A sincere and romantic song, the name of which is translated into Russian as “Another night”, shocked the audience: in France Encore un soir debuted on the charts first, relegating hit Justin Timberlake Can not Stop the Feeling! and achieved the highest sales per week for the full year 2016 singles.

In 2016 Celine presented string cover version of the famous composition for Queen “Show Must Go” on during the ceremony Billboard Music Awards, where the Canadian singer has won the honorary award Icons of Music.

Release Date : August 26th, 2016

1. Plus qu’ailleurs
2. L’étoile
3. Ma faille
4. Encore un soir
5. Je nous veux
6. Les yeux au ciel
7. Si c’était à refaire
8. Ordinaire
9. Tu sauras
10. Toutes ces choses
11. Le bonheur en face
12. À la plus haute branche
13. À vous
14. Ma force
15. Trois heures vingt
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