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Broods – Conscious (Album ITUNES)

Broods - Conscious

Conscious is the new second studio album by New Zealand alternative pop duo Broods Which is Expected to release via itunes by June 24th 2016 Digitally. “After touring for so long, you start realizing what songs you enjoy playing the most and what songs the audience reacts to the most,” Caleb explains. “This album is a punch in the face compared to the last one. Evergreen was very subtle and airy, this one really goes for the throat.”

They told “There’s not really a theme or anything, but it doesn’t sound like the last record. It’s not as stripped back as Evergreen was, which is cool. We definitely wrote it with playing live in mind. When you start playing shows, those songs you play [live] become your favorite. I think it’s a lot more honest, lyrically than the last record. It’s very straightforward”

Their sonic transformation even inspired the title. “We’re very conscious on what we want to achieve with this album,” George says. “We’re very conscious of what we want to do and what kind of impact we want to make. At the end of the day, it’s important to have a say over every aspect of your art.” The project contains production from Joel Little, Captain Cuts and Alex Hope.

The album will also feature a duet with Tove Lo and a song the duo co-wrote with fellow New Zealander Lorde.Fans have the opportunity to pre-order the album in various forms like cassettes, vinyl and CD online and with that get “free” as an instant grat download and first access to tickets for the tour.

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Release Date : June 24th, 2016

1. Free
2. We Had Everything
3. Are You Home
4. Heartlines
5. Hold the Line
6. Freak of Nature (feat. Tove Lo)
7. All of Your Glory
8. Recovery
9. Couldn’t Believe
10. Full Blown Love
11. Worth the Fight
12. Bedroom Door
13. Conscious

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