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Boys Noize – Mayday (Album ITUNES)

Boys Noize – Mayday

Mayday is the new studio album by German electronic music producer and DJ Boys Noize Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 20th 2016 Digitally. Fourth album Mayday presents 90s rave for the generation of dance fans who will happily whack on Freed from Desire, unironically, at a house party, all made with boshing, arena-sized production.

It was truly a great time to be alive and dancing. And then Dub Step happened and much of that positive energy, maintained by folks like Ed Banger Records, was flushed down the toilet with 4 gallons of Mountain Dew and Skrillex-bass drops.

He’s managed to find that perfect balance in keeping his sound consistent and recognisable while at the same time evolving it and bringing new elements and tweaks to its nature.

Release Date: May 20th 2016

1. Overthrow
2. Mayday
3. Dynamite (feat. Benga)
4. Rock the Bells
5. Euphoria (feat. Remy Banks)
6. 2 Live
7. Would You Listen
8. Revolt
9. Starchild (feat. POLIÇA)
10. Midnight
11. Los Niños
12. Hardkotzen
13. Birthday (feat. Hudson Mohawke & Spank Rock) [Explicit]

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