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Blink-182 – Rabbit Hole (Single)

Blink-182 – Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole is the new single song by American rock band Blink-182 which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday June 10th 2016 Digitally. its a new taste take from there upcoming album California which is due by july this year.Sounds kinda like it belongs on toypaj mixed with dogs eating dogs. I would genuinely have liked to hear an unedited version before I heard it like that. But none the less, I’m 2/2 in love with real songs so far on California. Even more excited for this album, didn’t know it was possible.

The frenetic song deals in the kind of relationships that haunt and cause sleepless nights. They will support the LP with an arena headlining tour alongside A Day To Remember, All Time Low and the All-American Rejects. This bed on fire, I can’t sleep here no more/ Too late and tired, dreaming down on the floor,” Skiba sings on the second verse before calling himself a “haunted house.”

The infectious single was recently premiered as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1.

Release Date : June 10th 2016

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