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Belly – Ballerina (Single)

Belly - Ballerina

Ballerina is the new single song by Palestinian Canadian Juno Award-winning rapper Belly which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 27th 2016 Digitally. “Ballerina” is not your conventional stripper anthem. In comparing strippers to ballerinas,

Belly elevates twerking, pussy popping, etc. to a high art. The James Bond-esque strings Belly sings over lend a certain dignity to everyone involved here (read: Belly and the strippers).

Belly’s new mixtape “Another Day In Paradise” drops this Friday.

[Quotable Lyrics]
She mix the red and white wine like the Catalina (She do it)
See that’s your stage but it’s my arena (She mine)
That’s not a stripper, that’s my ballerina (Hold up)
Let me see you dance for me, dance, dance, dance
Do a handstand for me, dance, dance, dance (She do it)
Baby can you pop it for me? Dance, dance, dance
Let me see you drop it for me, dance, dance, dance
(Drop it, drop it, drop it)

Release Date : May 27th 2016

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