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Ariana Grande – Touch It (Single ITUNES)

Ariana Grande – Touch It
Touch It is the new single song by American singer and actress Ariana Grande which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 20th 2016 Digitally. its the new exclusive single from her upcoming album Dangerous Woman which is set to release by may 20th. Ariana promises it’s all about romance and not about what you guys are thinking! The music is pulsing synth-pop all the way by Max Martin. Ari is super excited and proud of the new song!

‘Touch It’ hears Ariana in that awful place where she’s consumed by unrequited love. But all that emotion and desire is funnelled into a glorious chorus that hears her voice soar over a scuzzy bassline that whips up more drama than a telenovela. All the wind machines in the world wouldn’t do it justice.

“Cause every time I’m with you I go into a zone and all I remember is the places you want to go,” she sings. “Take me all away. Ain’t nobody gonna touch it.” The “Moonlight” singer teased a preview of “Touch It” on Instagram Tuesday afternoon, giving her babes the heads up that the full song will be available to stream on Apple Music following its initial premiere on Beats 1.

The song premiered on Beats 1 Radio at 2:12 P.M.

Release Date : May 20th 2016

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