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Ariana Grande – Thinking Bout You (Single)

Ariana Grande – Thinking Bout You

Thinking Bout You is the new single song by American singer and actress Ariana Grande which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 20th 2016 Digitally. its the new exclusive single from her upcoming album Dangerous Woman which is set to release by may 20th.

It’s the Grande Finale so what better opportunity for Ari to really let those vocals fly. ‘Thinking Bout You’ is as airy as they come, with a thudding kick beat and an almost celestial production leaving Dangerous Woman quite literally on a high – even if it does essentially end on the note ‘Relationship Status: It’s complicated’.

So now most of the tracks from the upcoming album have dropped! This new track ‘Thinking About You’ shows steamy Ariana in a retro mood, thinking about a past lover. We know the bold, empowered Ariana alright! But this new sweet Ariana with a tropical vibe is a pretty little surprise!

The new album is a great inventory of Ariana’s musical talent and how far she has come as a singer and songwriter! She ain’t just pretty, she so dope!

Release Date : May 20th 2016

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