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Ariana Grande – Step on Up (Single ITUNES)

Ariana Grande – Step on Up

Step on Up is the new single song by American singer-actress Ariana Grande which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 20th 2016 Digitally. its the new exclusive single from her forthcoming album Dangerous Woman which is set to release by may 20th.

Given that she started out as an actress, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Grande can work convincingly in more than a single mode. But it’s still impressive how fully she inhabits the emotional environment of each song here, even when one directly contradicts another. In the middle of the album, she goes from “Greedy,” an up-tempo disco jam about craving a partner’s body, right into “Leave Me Lonely,” a bedraggled torch song featuring Macy Gray, of all people. Both songs feel equally believable.

“Dangerous Woman” has a good one in “I Don’t Care,” which, like “Bad Decisions,” sets you up for one thing before delivering another.

Release Date : May 20th 2016

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