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Ariana Grande – Greedy (Single ITUNES)

Ariana Grande Single » Greedy MP3 Download [ITUNES]
Greedy is the new single song by American singer and actress Ariana Grande which is expected to release via itunes by This Friday May 13th 2016 Digitally. she’s back swinging with the funky new “Greedy.” Premiering moments ago on Beats 1, it rides a groovy bass and a jangling tambourine with some singsong spoken outros for good measure.

The upbeat and lively “Into You” is the fourth one to be shared from her album. Staying true to the sensual and dangerous woman, she revels in being wicked as she waits for her love to approach her in the title track.

“fierce female blew our minds with that BELT! The quick clip is short, but oh so sweet.” The talented and soulful singer teased this Dangerous Woman track on Instagram. The 22-year-old singer is simply phenomenal.

Release Date : May 13th 2016

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