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HOPELESSNESS is the new second studio album by English singer, composer, and visual artist Anohni, formerly known as Antony Hegarty or Antony, Which is Expected to release via itunes by this friday may 06th 2016 Digitally. Anohni’s world view is bleak, but the beauty that comes from her descriptions on “Hopelessness” oddly offers potent reasons not to give up just yet.

As a transgender woman (her eight previous albums were released under her birth name, Antony Hegarty, with the chamber-pop group the Johnsons) Anohni initially gained attention as a particularly graceful exemplar of 21st-century genderqueer liberation.

The most effective track is the opener “Drone Bomb Me”, written from the perspective of a young Afghan girl, begging to join her family already killed by US drones. “Let me be the one you choose tonight,” she sings, “After all, I’m hardly to blame,” amidst an explosion of brittle percussion and sparkling synth tones.

Release Date : May 06th, 2016


1. Drone Bomb Me
2. 4 Degrees
3. Watch Me
4. Execution
5. I Don’t Love You Anymore
6. Obama
7. Violent Man
8. Why Do You Separate Me From Earth?
9. Crisis
10. Hopelessness
11. Marrow

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